Company’s Background 公司簡介

Hintak Construction Company Limited was established in 1988 and continuously operated the company successfully till now.

The company is currently on the list of Registered General Building Contractor (RGBC) and Registered Specialist Contractor (Site Formation) (RSC(SF)) under the registration system of the Buildings Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government.  The company is also on the list of approved Specialist Contractor for Public Works Under the Category Landslip Preventive / Remedial Works to Slopes / Retaining Walls administered by Development Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR Government.  The company is the pre-approved contractors for various public listed companies and other semi-government bodies, namely The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The University of Science of Technology, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, Arcadis Hong Kong Limited, Synergis Management Services Limited, Kai Shing Management Services Limited, SINO Estates Management Limited and others.

Hintak Construction Company Limited plays an active role in the construction industry over 30 years.  The company has been aggressively providing services covering a wide range such as slope/retaining wall upgrading and maintenance works, regular inspection to slope/retaining wall, site formation works, small scale foundation works, general building and drainage repair works etc.  It has completed upgrading and maintenance works for more than 600 slope/retaining walls and has undertaken not less than 300 work projects of various size projects and of multi-discipline nature.

In order to keep our service in a high standard, we introduced the ISO 9001 quality management system and had been awarded this certificate since 2001.  We wish we could provide service for you in the coming future and get your confidence and recognition from our performance.



公司現時擁有由香港特別行政區政府屋宇署所發的 「註冊一般建築承建商(RGBC)」 及 “註冊專門承建商(地盤平整工程)(RSC(SF))” 建築牌照資格,公司亦是香港發展局的 「認可公共工程專門承建商(斜坡/擋土牆的防止山泥傾瀉/修補工程)”。 除此牌照資格外, 顯德建築有限公司亦被一些私營及公營機構認許為合資格的投標公司,包括以下機構:



中華電力公司 (以往客戶)

Arcadis Hong Kong Limited





在過往超過30年的經營歷史當中, 公司一直積極從事及發展工程業務, 服務範圍包括斜坡/擋土牆的防止山泥傾瀉/修補工程、斜坡/擋土牆定期檢查、地盤平整工程、小型地基工程、一般樓宇及渠道維修工程業務等。 公司完成了不少於600個斜坡/擋土牆的鞏固及維修,也承建超過300個不同類型的大小工程。

為了使我們的服務保持高標準,公司自2001年起巳引入了ISO 9001質量管理系統,並一直獲得相關認證。我們希望公司能夠在不久的未來為您提供服務,並從我們的表現中獲得您的信任和認可。